How To Get Super Mario Run for Android

Super Mario Run is the brand new mobile game launched by Nintendo to be available for download on the Apple Store since December 15. Expected for several months, this game will bring happiness to the biggest fans of the brand but also beginners.

Super Mario Run Tips And reviews

Super Mario Run Unlock All Levels:

Super Mario Run is a runner game in which players must run their character on the longest distance by collecting a maximum of coins. But the task is difficult because enemies, but also traps await them throughout their race and they will have to show speed and dexterity to avoid.

This mobile game focuses on a gampelay original and very easy to handle, because just a simple pressure of the finger on the touch screen to make the character jump. This game is played with one hand and is therefore ideal for entertaining in transit or to pass the time in a waiting room. This runner, includes all of the most famous characters of the family of Mario with Luigi or even Princess Peach, but also the lovely Toad.

A quick game to finish?

With 24 levels of 90 seconds each, Super Mario Run may end very quickly. But there are also pink coins to collect, that open access to a new level with purple coins. 72 variations of this type exist, that will make the rather long part. As a bonus, secret passages will be again scattered here and there…

To pay or not to pay?

Super Mario Run is a freemium, which means that you can play for free, but it is possible to pay for more. For this game, the sum is €9.99 and it is unique. In by paying, it allows access to bonuses and access to all of the game. Good point, no other additional purchase will be possible, you will have everything. For you to play!

Super Mario Run: The game keeps its promises?

While Super Mario Run out today, 15 December, for users of iPhone and iPad, this game keeps its promises?

The honor is safe

The main fear in fans of Mario Bros, was that the mind is more. Off, it remains intact. The graphics were modernized, but they retain the spirit of the past and we are please to find the elements that made the success of this game from the 1980s. The nostalgic will not at home, on the contrary!

Run for runner!

Unlike the previous versions on console, Super Mario Runner is a typical runner game, meaning that the protagonist will move forward alone and you will have to jump when needed or collect the coins. The gameplay will be less than what the purists expect. But this isn’t a game at a discount, on the contrary. The scenario is well-crafted and missions are not lacking to overcome.

Super Mario Run on Android

On this ultimate question, doubt persists. We knew early on that Android users, be they on smartphone or tablet, would switch to the background, but we would have liked to have an even approximate date of the release of the game! Rumors mention it for February…

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Clash Royale Arena 1 – Best card deck and strategy

We help you beat Arena 1 or Duende Stadium in this Clash Royale guide. The strategy is fundamental to squeeze your first deck of cards, with which you have to advance through the first levels of the game. If you follow the advice we give you, you will have it easy to face the higher sands.

We proceed to analyze a case of success. This mobile game is among the most played and profitable on both Android and iOS, and something will have water when they bless. It is not a complicated game, much less. However, rookies may encounter certain difficulties with strategy, hence the need for some advice on Clash Royale.

Beyond the basic data on this application, there are a series of steps to follow to overcome the first arenas, in particular the Stadium Duende. Strategy is key, and has no more trick than to build a balanced and yet powerful enough deck.

At the lower levels it is common to meet other people who are starting out in this addictive game, so in principle everyone is on an equal footing. However, with a good guide you can get well prepared to Arena 1 of Clash Royale , taking the lead to your rivals.

Some basic facts about the game

Before arriving at Estadio Duende you must overcome the training, the first step inside the game. Neither side has any complications, and you can even beat Arena 1 without having a good deck of cards from Clash Royale.

However, it is important that you begin to cement your success from the beginning. A wrong way to build your deck can slow you down to higher levels, so it’s best to be clear from the start if you want balance, an offensive deck or a defensive deck.

To overcome sands is necessary to accumulate trophies, which are obtained by winning battles. They are between 10 and 50 trophies per victory, accumulated until you have enough to pass sand.

To overcome the Duende Stadium you must have 400 trophies, that is, about 10 combats won approximately.

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How Battles Work

The clashes at the Clash Royale Arena are divided into three-minute rounds. Manage the time well so you do not stay in the middle of an attack when a round is about to end.

As you will see nothing else fight your first battle, each player has three buildings: a castle and two towers. For each destroyed building you add a crown. Obviously, if you add three crowns you will be the winner of the game. Clash Royale Hacks

You can go throwing to the Arena cards of your deck or deck, although every time you see it as your elixir bar decreases, and is that all these troops have a variable cost. Try to manage the elixir well so you do not run out of it at the decisive moment.

If you look hurried, delay as much as possible to your enemy to give time to recharge your elixir.

All you need to know to level up faster and win more gems and gold coffins in Clash Royale

Basic Strategy Tips

The strategy to follow in Arena 1 is not necessarily very elaborate. Given the low level of opponents, you may not even need one, although it is always advisable to have something prepared to surprise your opponent.

You do not need to be defensive here, but you can be defensive if you want to. It is best to attack immediately to overcome the Duende Stadium as fast as possible, but for this you need a good deck with all elements well distributed.

One of the useful tips for Arena 1 of Clash Royale, essential in this guide , is that you should always keep in mind which cards your opponent uses. Okay, maybe he’s not a formidable opponent, but if he does with a good combination it can do you a lot of damage.

Try to counter each of your pitches. For example, if you use an army of skeletons, counterattack with an attack card by area. This way you can do damage to all your skeletons and weaken them quickly. It is just an illustrative example of the modus operandi you should follow .

Cards available for your deck at El Duende Stadium

For each arena that you surpass, it unlocks a series of letters that happen to be available. As soon as you start playing, you will see that you can select several of them for your Clash Royale deck , even without having passed the training. They are the following:

Cards Unlocked:

  • Arrows
  • Archery
  • Ball of fire
  • Mosquetera
  • The prince
  • Skeleton Army
  • Bombardier
  • gentleman
  • Mini PEKKA
  • Giant
  • Baby dragon
  • Witch
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These options will be added six more once you go to Arena 1. You are:

  • Goblin with spear
  • Goblins hut
  • Thunderbolt
  • Goblins
  • Valquiria
  • Goblin barrel

The best deck for Arena 1

Overcome Arena 1 or Clash Royale Goblin Stadium requires a standard deck , and you can not build much more with the cards that are available at the time. However, in spite of the limited alternatives, you must try to ensure that your team is balanced, with units that support each other with good synergies to enhance each other.

An example is the good combination of shock troops, with a lot of attack and life, along with attack by area. Thus, while the first try to demolish the enemy towers, the second end with the defensive infantry of your rival.

There are a couple of tips to improve your deck in Clash Royale for the first level:

  • Includes a card to attack towers, whether giants or princes
  • Always have troops of air damage or attack by area

Clash Royale

Focus on your goal, which is to attack enemy fortifications, the importance of including a troop card with a lot of life and attack, like the giant. However, these are weak separately, so include other supportive troops that do away with the defenders while it lashes the towers.

This is our deck proposal for Arena 1, whose composition corresponds to the strategy mentioned above:

  • Giant
  • The prince
  • Mini PEKKA
  • gentleman
  • Mosquetera
  • Archery
  • Bombardier
  • Arrows